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Septic Services

Kimble Septic Tank Cleaning service is your answer to septic problems. We service Richland and Ashland Counties in Ohio. When you need your septic serviced, Call Kimble.
1. Septic Pumping Prices by Gallons:
Includes Free State Health Department Inspection
750 Gallons$200.00
1,500 Gallons$275.00
2,000 Gallons$360.00
2,300 Gallons$414.00
We Also Offer Additives for Your Septic Tank Needs:
Root-X Foaming Root Killer$55.00 plus tax
Kimble Enzyme & Bacteria Septic Additive$45.00 plus tax
2. NAWT Certified Inspection for Real Estate Transfers:
Includes 300-gallon Flow Test, Pumping of Septic, and Health Department Search
A. Prices for houses built before 1977$500.00
B. Prices for houses built after 1977$575.00
3. Drain Cleaning Services- $100.00 an hour
4. RV Pumping
A. $65 to $150 (cash) Prices depend on size of tank and location
5. Mobile Fresh Water/Waste Water Tank Service for Office Trailers - Monthly Service $300

Free 10 Point Inspection with Pumping

1. Check if there a riser – yes or no
2. Is the riser above grade - yes or no
3. Does the riser have a secure lid – yes or no
4. Is the riser of water tight construction – yes or no
5. Is the septic easily accessible through one or two openings – yes or no
6. Is the water level in the septic - high or low or correct
7. Pump septic to determine if it is watertight – yes or no
  • If no – inward or outward leaking
8. Check if the baffles or t-tiles are present – yes or no
  • If no – front baffle or rear baffle or both
9. Is the line into the septic open and free flowing – yes or no
10. Is the line out of the septic open and free flowing – yes or no
Aeration system inspection includes checking
  • That the Aerator is working properly
  • Chlorinator, De-chlorinator or UV light

Systems that have a distribution/splitter box includes checking
  • Condition of riser on the box
  • Condition of box and components
  • Cleaning of distribution/splitter box
  • Switch flow in splitter box in necessary
  • Septic Cleaning
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Cable Sewer Cleaning
  • High Pressure Water Jetting
  • NAWT Certified Real Estate Inspections
  • OWHA Qualified Service Provider
  • Lift Station Service
  • Aeration System Service
  • Installation of Risers & T-Tiles
  • Modern Vacuum Equipment
Septic Pumper - Septic Systems in Mansfield, Ohio
"All tanks are backflushed until clean & empty"
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"We emphasize quality of service over all other considerations"
"As a courtesy to our customers we automatically send out a reminder card approximately every 3 years"